Our Company

Our manifesto


  • Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect
  • Are part of a whole and respect this in all that we do
  • Show great respect for our fellow beings, as well as ourselves
  • Work together for the benefit of all Mankind
  • Give assistance and kindness wherever needed
  • Do what we know to be right, without falling into self-righteousness
  • Look after the well being of mind and body
  • Dedicate a share of our efforts to the greater good
  • Are truthful and honest at all times, especially with ourselves
  • Take full responsibility for our actions
    (Inspired by the ten commandments of the native Americans)

Our services are linked to crop production, which simultaneously has to provide more food, higher incomes and sustainability.

Social Goals

Promoting sustainability and reducing social disadvantages have equal priority at Amanzi. By implementing solutions and practices that are both measurable and verifiable, we aim to improve productivity levels and at minimum guarantee their maintenance. We will counter social disadvantages such as discrimination and gender inequality in developing countries through education and knowledge transfer. By increasing food production in an environmentally friendly way we can improve living conditions on many levels.

The situation in Africa is still precarious with widespread poverty in the slums and rural areas. For this reason our focus on the continent is social. Agricultural development outside of the cities is vital. To help fight poverty it is necessary to provide access to high quality seeds and produce markets, as well as increase productivity levels and promote sustainable cultivation practices. This requires training and opening the markets for produce.
We must encourage cooperation between the private and public sectors, as aid agencies and NGO’s seem to be a part of the problem rather than the solution.

Our social goal is total inclusion and commitment to all those who are disadvantaged.

Our Skill Set

Amanzi’s founder obtained a Master’s degree in agronomy from ETH Zurich and has extensive experience in leadership, management, marketing, sales and R&D. Christoph Lehnen has spent many years working across Europe, the Middle East and in Africa. His expertise covers agriculture, agronomy, agribusiness, biological products, flowers, and seed and crop protection. In addition to his professional qualifications he has trained and worked as an adult educator and change facilitator for a number of years. His considerable knowledge of the challenges associated with sustainable agriculture has enabled innovative solutions to combat social injustice/disadvantages.

Amanzi AG specializes in sustainable crop production and plant protection in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Our main concern is to involve the entire cycle in the Agri-sector and our primary objectives are to protect and improve the quality of the soil, water and air. Solutions developed with partners contribute to biodiversity and soil protection in a sustainable manner and offer ways to improve CO2 emissions.
Our ambitious goals dictate that we cooperate with like-minded partners in a transparent, honest and appreciative way.

Christoph Lehnen
CEO of Amanzi

Food is essential for all life on Earth. It is time to produce our food in harmony and sustainably. Agriculture carries a tremendous responsibility to respond to the needs of quality and sustainability in a smartly entrepreneurial way.

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