Future-oriented sustainable agriculture

We are passionate about overcoming the challenges for growing more food, higher incomes for the growers and the urgent need for sustainability and safeguarding the planetary boundaries.

Our Services

We base our services and products on the latest scientific findings as well as humanistic values

Development & Project Management

The journey of an agricultural product, from concept to market is a long one and we are dedicated to the intensive planning and development required for success.

Consulting & Coaching

We offer consulting and coaching on a number of levels and disciplines thanks to extensive experience in various food systems.

Strategy & Marketing

Strategy is the art of designing and coordinating a plan of action to achieve an overall goal. This is the cornerstone of every project, which is why we put our heart and soul into building successful strategies.

„We develop winning solutions for sustainable agriculture“

Our most current projects

We aim to produce food sustainably and in accordance with nature using targeted cultivation practices and biological alternatives.

By using biological processes and supportive efforts, we strive to contribute to crop health, productivity and resilience through the interaction of plant, micro- and macroflora, soil, water and air.

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Amanzi lives for strong and healthy plant cultivation.

Our Company

Future-oriented solutions take into account not just the economic and social aspects but also the ecological. We share our experience and knowledge passionately for the sake of both nature and mankind.

Naturally strong solutions for agriculture!